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Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills Have Showed Up on the Dark Web

The orange and pink-shaped pills are being made in Amsterdam and selling for about $10.50 each in the UK.
Photo of Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore, courtesy of Flickr.

Drug manufacturers in the Netherlands have gotten creative and begun producing MDMA pills shaped like—what else?—the 45th president's head. They are allegedly being sold on the dark web and by dealers in Amsterdam, while one seller even advertises them with the slogan, "Trump makes partying great again," reports the Daily Star.

The tablets come in orange or pink, and depict the former television host with his signature, ever-mysterious haircut. They reportedly contain 220 milligrams of MDMA, and are currently selling for about $10.50 (£8) a pill in the UK, according to the Star.

It is not unusual for drug manufacturers to take inspiration from pop culture when trying to market their product. Last year Pokémon-themed ecstasy pills were reportedly being sold around Europe, while a load of Minions-shaped pills were seized by authorities in Chile.

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