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Lil Wayne Is the King of the Absurdist Sex Description

Inkwells, manholes, and hallways, oh my.
Illustration by Michael Alcantara

Day 298: "This Is What I Call Her" – Dedication 2, 2006

Here are some more reasons to celebrate Wayne's Dedication 2 rapping. There's his appreciation of Little Brother, shown via him hopping on this 9th Wonder beat. There's the simple fact that he takes the time to make a sex jam on a mixtape where he's busy proving he's the best rapper alive. And there's the reality that he lays out more proof in that department by lacing this song with all kinds of absurd images. He describes a vagina as, alternately, a manhole, an inkwell, and a hallway, and he lists off different nautical creatures as evidence of his love of its smell. The best line (other than the one about late night emailing) goes "me and your boyfriend is not the same / I goes down like the stock exchange." Look, these are not the most romantic metaphors ever conceived, but they involve a love of descriptive imagery that you can't help but admire, and that is what makes Lil Wayne great.

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