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Broadly's Best Photo Essays of 2016

This year, our photographers covered everything from lesbian pool parties to anti-Donald Trump protests, and they came back with visual gold.
Photo by Keenan MacWilliam

In 2016, we sent photographers to cover everything from the Westminster Dog Show to Standing Rock; from male pole dancing championships in London to lesbian pool parties in California; and from the Gathering of the Juggalos to the wall of La Croix bottled water at the Whole Foods in Williamsburg. They didn't disappoint.

Photos from the Hairy Underbelly of the Westminster Dog Show

The annual Westminster Dog Show in New York has been entertaining canine lovers and their four-legged friends since 1877. Amy Lombard captured the primping and preening that goes on behind the scenes.


Not My President: Thousands Protest Outside of Trump Tower

As news of Donald Trump's electoral victory broke, thousands hit the streets outside the president-elect's luxury skyscraper to express rage, fear, disbelief, and the determination that the fight begins now.

'Miracles Are Happening': Photos of the Tireless Women of Standing Rock

Photographer Celine Guiout went to Standing Rock to photograph the women protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

People Show Us The Outfits They Wear to Get Laid

Ever wondered what kind of freakum dress people keep in their wardrobe when they want to get some? Wonder no more.

Inside an Exclusive, Mystical All-Trans Fashion Show

Designer Gogo Graham makes clothes for trans women, and her designs are worshipped by everyone from W magazine to Dazed. We went behind the scenes of one of her fashion shows.

Blood, Sweat, and Three Percent Body Fat: Photos of British Muscle Queens

Women in the West Midlands want to get their pecs to get big, big, and bigger—and these muscle goddesses will stop at nothing to achieve it. Do you even lift, sis?

'Keep Calm and Grab a Faygo': Wet, Hot Photos from the Gathering of the Juggalos

In Thornville, Ohio, Insane Clown Posse's biggest fans gathered at the rap group's annual music festival for family, Faygo, and all the fun of the fair.

Photos of Women and Highly Improvised Sex Toys

If you've never seen the masturbatory potential in a tube of dog chow, you're not trying hard enough.


The Revved-Up Women of Amateur Racing Brake for No One

At the Autograss National Championships, it's the girls who feel the need for speed most. We went down to the racing competition to document the women behind the wheel.

The Best Witchy from New York's Annual Pagan Festival

At the yearly WitchsFest, witches gathered to worship, shop, and hang out among like-minded practitioners. We swung by to check out the healing crystals and outfits on display.

'It's for Power Men': Photos of Male Pole Dancing Champions

Forget Magic Mike—the male pole dancing champions are here to tell you that their sport involves a lot more than just grinding on a pole. We went to the World Pole Sport Championships to find out more.

Portraits of Brooklynites Flocking to Massive La Croix Wall in New Whole Foods

We think the one bright spot in this burning trash heap of a year was the opening of a La Croix installation wall in Whole Foods. Judging from the delight on the faces of these Brooklyn locals, they feel the same way.

'It's Transformative': Māori Women Talk About Their Sacred Chin Tattoos

The ancient Māori practice of moko kauae—or sacred female facial tattooing—is making a comeback among women in New Zealand. Here's what it means to stamp your identity on your face.

The Fantastical, Gender-Bending World of Crossplay, in Photos

Crossplay is cosplay with a twist, where men and women dress up as characters of the opposite gender. At New York Comic Con, we met the pop culture fans breaking down the gender norms of their favorite TV show, comic book, or film.

Dive into America's Most Popular Lesbian Pool Party

Think of Dinah Shore Weekend as Spring Break with way less bros and way more undercuts. We got wet at the five-day annual bacchanal. (We made a documentary about it, too.)