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Daily Horoscopes: May 30, 2017

Expect a fun atmosphere this morning!
May 30, 2017, 7:00am

The Moon, in Leo, connects with lucky planet Jupiter at 6:56 AM. Expect a fun atmosphere this morning! The Moon clashes with Mercury at 2:47 PM, stirring up communication issues. Mars connects with Uranus at 10:39 PM, bringing unexpected surprises, and the Moon connects with Venus at 1:53 AM, putting people in an affectionate, warm mood.

All times EST.


The Moon is in Leo today, putting you in a talkative mood (but, really, when aren't you talking your head off, Gemini?). The atmosphere is electric. You'll meet plenty of unusual and exciting people this evening! You're also craving freedom.


As one of the more psychic signs in the zodiac, Cancer, it's so important that you trust your intuition—especially today! Surprises will come your way, and it's important that you're in touch with your inner voice. Watch out for news concerning work or money.


The Moon is in your sign today, Leo! Things will move a quick pace today. You're in the mood to take some risks and break out of your comfort zone. Watch out for the unusual people you may meet today.


You're going to want to spend time alone today, catching up on rest and down time, but the energy is so electric that you'll have a hard time winding down! Surprises are on the way. You're breaking free from the past.


It's an exciting day in your relationships, Libra! You're ready to make big changes, take risks, and try new things. You're itching for freedom, which could mean redefining a partnership.


You're plotting your path to fame and fortune this morning, Scorpio. Don't worry—you'll get there! Unexpected assistance arrives today, be it financial or in regards to your work or even your health or wellbeing.


It's an exciting day, especially in your love life or around any projects you're working on with other people! That said, you may choose to end some partnerships today for the sake of gaining more freedom—and that's OK.


Sometimes a change needs to happen in order for things to stay stable. Keep that in mind today, Capricorn. An opportunity to get closer to someone arrives this evening.


The Moon is in in Leo today, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart! The energy is electric—unexpected action will take place in your love life and within your creative pursuits.


Your foundations will be rocked today, but it could work out for the best—just be clear about your needs and boundaries, and don't take anyone's shit! The Moon is in Leo, helping you stay focused.


Today is anything but boring. Your ruling planet, Mars, connects with wild Uranus, bringing you plenty of surprises. Expect an unexpected conversation, or for some unusual information to come your way!


Sometimes, you don't know much something means to you until it's taken away. Other times, you don't realize how useful something can be until it's gifted to you. You'll be surprised at how handy something—or someone—can be today.

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