Stream the New EP From Auckland Footwork Producer Surly

The young New Zealand producer is getting nods from Kode9, RP Boo and Los Angeles crew Juke Bounce Werk.
May 30, 2017, 2:36am

New Zealand beat maker Surly has been making significant strides in the international footwork scene of late. Following his self-titled EP via Los Angeles crew/label Juke Bounce Werk, plays on BBC Radio 1 by Kode9, a recent mix for NTS, and love from Chicago's RP Boo, the young Auckland producer has just dropped Trip to Warsaw, a new five-song EP on Polish Juke.

From the opening "Thirteen" things move at a smooth pace with touches of jazz piano and dusty beats. The highlight is "4Q 510-511" with horns and R&B-like vibes it will have you moving whether you can footwork or dance to Chicago juke or not.

'Trip to Warsaw' is available now on Polish Juke.
Image: Polish Juke/Twitter