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Watch the Weeknd and Drake Perform "Crew Love" for the First Time in Forever

Romance is real.

"Crew Love" is among the most important of the many scrolls issued on Take Care, an ode to planetariums, dodging unwanted social interactions, and plastic explosives. It's still the biggest hit that features both of Toronto's kings on it, and after a label politics beef between the two in 2013, it seemed like it would be the only one. Thus, you have to understand how monumental it is for the Weeknd and Drake to not only be at the Air Canada Centre stage but to perform "Crew Love" in the city that they're from.


This would already be a very hype performance purely from the crowd doing Abel's first verse for him, but behold as Drake's verse is entirely drowned out by the hysterical screams of both men and women (but mostly men). This is normal, as hearing "Crew Love" is the only thing that can cause Torontonians to lose their composure, other than getting the wrong grocery store in their neighbourhood. Watch a fan-shot video of this momentous event above.

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