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Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, May 2019

Welcome to Taurus season, Scorpio!
May 1, 2019, 3:11am

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Taurus season finds the sun shining in the relationship sector of your chart, Scorpio, making this a lovely time for you to focus on your connections with others! But making plans won't be the easiest on May 1, when Mercury clashes with Saturn, or May 2, when Mercury clashes with Pluto. Watch out for power struggles and bad moods. Fortunately, Mercury will connect with Mars on May 1, and then with Jupiter on May 2, which will deliver some help on the financial front, or at least keep your self-esteem afloat during what could be a tricky few days in communication, scheduling, and rigid, borderline controlling attitudes. This isn't a great time to ask for favors, since people are in a grumpy mood! Some secrets may also be spilled at this time. Don't gossip—it's bad energy for all involved!

A fresh start in your relationship arrives on May 4, thanks to the new moon in Taurus! Taurus has a slow, sensual energy and the atmosphere is lovely for connecting with your partners and planting new seeds in your relationships. This isn't the time to rush things, or even get "too deep" (your favorite thing to do!)—keep things chill, and stay in the present. This new moon is all about being in the moment. Do you ever have a tendency to share too much about yourself for the sake of building a bond with someone, and find that you've done it too soon? This new moon is a fantastic time to reflect on how you open up to other people—and how quickly you do it (or how slowly)! The new moon in Taurus asks that you do things gently and at a relaxed pace. Yes, that might mean you have to wait longer than you want to for "answers," but knowing how you feel is just as valuable as knowing how someone else does—and you need to make room for curiosity in your life instead of constantly digging for answers. Don't worry, things are not doomed to move at a slow, sleepy pace all month: Mars opposes Jupiter on May 5, which is especially exciting on the financial front for you! Just watch out for competitive vibes.


Mercury enters Taurus on May 6, boosting communication in your relationships, but Venus clashes with Saturn on May 7, finding people in a bratty mood, or totally cold. Nothing feels good enough, and again, making plans is rough. You want to feel valued for your time, and during Venus and Saturn's clash, you'll see where you're not getting the respect for your energy and ideas that you feel you deserve. A corner is being turned in your commitments and plans. Surprises arrive in your relationships on May 8 as Mercury meets with rebel planet Uranus—people are craving freedom! Remember the lesson of the new moon in Taurus: Slow down and let things be! Also on May 8, the sun connects with dreamy Neptune, creating a magical atmosphere that's wonderful for connecting with friends and coming together with your community.

May 9 is a tricky day: On one hand, lucky energy flows in your job and finances, but on the other, there's also a big possibility of jealousy, possessiveness, and manipulative behavior as Venus mingles with Jupiter and clashes with Pluto. Keep everything transparent and bring in a third party if things feel shady! The sun connects with Saturn on May 11, offering a sense of structure and helping with communication and organizing. The sun connects with Pluto at May 13, helping you tackle any tricky triangulations, "they said, they said," scenarios, or any issues which you might have previously felt insecure about. Venus connects with Mars on May 14, inspiring a flirtatious and social vibe and energizing you to work out some issues that have been awkward or not quite right recently.

Venus enters Taurus on May 15, bringing blessings to your relationships, and a healing energy flows for communication as Mercury connects with Neptune. Mars also enters fellow water sign Cancer on May 15, inspiring you to travel and take on new studies. This shift in energy finds you facing the world with a curiosity and gentleness that will connect you with lovely people and experiences. Keeping you grounded is Mercury's connection with Saturn on May 16, which helps you set plans and boundaries.

The full moon in your sign, Scorpio, lands on May 18, and it's an intense one. So much of your focus this month has been on your relationships, but now, the lunar spotlight is on you, and this will be a profound time for emotional release. The new moon in Aries asked that you stay present, but the full moon in Scorpio finds you dancing in a space beyond the here and now, exploring all facets of your past, present, and future, and on the brink of transformation. An ending is here, and I don't need to tell you that means a new beginning is on its way…but first, a cleansing must take place, and you must be relieved of your burdens. During this full moon, communication planet Mercury connects with Pluto, helping you get to the bottom of a situation, and Venus meets Uranus, urging you and your partners to approach your relationships with flexibility and be open to change. Freedom is an important feature of your relationships now, and any smothering will not bode well.

Gemini season begins on May 21, plus Mercury enters air sign Gemini and the sun meets Mercury, creating a huge energetic shift. This is a powerful time to dive deep into intimacy issues or any emotionally charged themes. Discussions about sensitive issues like sex, tricky financial situations, and grief come up. Now isn't the time for inflexibility—invite Gemini energy into your life by seeing all sides to your story. Mars connects with Uranus on May 22, inviting you to explore some unexpected partnerships and new opportunities as you move through the changes taking place in your life.

Mercury clashes with Neptune on May 29, stirring up confusion, so keep things light, especially in your intimate relationships. Romantic energy flows on May 30 as Venus connects with Neptune. Plus, Mercury opposes Jupiter, stirring up exciting conversations about money—just don't believe everything you hear, people are incredibly optimistic right now, but that doesn't mean they know what they're talking about! A more sensible energy flows as Venus connects with Saturn on May 31—a great time to get grounded in your plans and share ideas. Saturn is not the warmest planet for Venus to snuggle up to, but Saturn does offer plenty of wisdom and stability, which Venus certainly values. Good luck this month, little Scorpion, and see you in June!