Seven of Tierra Whack's Most Colorful Freestyles

Her off-the-wall oddball flows are captivating and deserve your attention.
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Tierra Whack's nearly 600,000 Instagram followers may have been gotten used to seeing her quirky freestyles popping up on their timelines. But over the weekend, the former Philadelphia battle rapper reminded the internet not to take her videos lightly. On Sunday, she dropped a stand-out verse that lit up her social media and had supporters like Meek Mill tweeting that she's "the best female rapper in the world." Regardless of whether that’s a fact or an opinion, her freestyles certainly deserve more attention. Whether she's rapping in a knitted ski mask that reads "I Am Not Tierra Whack," obliterating a Busta Rhymes beat on "Funk Flex," or battle rapping on the streets of Philadelphia, her tight flows are full of off-the-wall lyrics that will make your day. We've grabbed the best ones below.


Philly Corner Freestyle, 2011

Back in 2011, Whack was standing on a corner in Philadelphia wearing a pink collared sweater declaring she's, "on top near Lauryn's Hill." In a video posted by YouTube channel "We Run the Streets," she kicks into high gear, launching into her fast-paced flow without needing a beat at all. She announces she's destined to become a rap star after growing up poor, but wants to leave behind some aspects of the hood, saying, "I used to rap about gats … but now I'm off of that." Instead, she hits onlookers with Dexter's Laboratory references, and still slays the corner cypher.

Oh Okay Instagram Freestyle, July 2018

Whack's discography may not be full of high-energy party songs, but when she raps over dance tracks like Mr. Cheeks' "Lights, Camera, Action!" she certainly finds that energy. In a July 2018 Instagram post captioned "OH OKAY," she delivers a head-nodding flow over the classic party beat while taking shots at people in her life. She brings up her father, with whom she reportedly has a strained relationship, saying, "Hope you wake up without a penis." She also warns everyone from her sister to Frank Ocean not to test her.

Fear Factor Instagram Freestyle, July 2018

When rappers brag about going from rags to riches, they might throw in a line about buying out the luxury retailer Barneys. But when Whack does it, of course she raps, "I used to watch Barney, now I'm shopping at Barneys." In a July 2018 freestyle, she talks about navigating a world where people "say [she] lost [her] mind and they offer to help find it." But she's unconcerned with anyone trying to curb her eccentricities, posting the confident freestyle with an unrelated caption: "Can somebody tell Ludacris I really wanna go on Fear Factor??!!"


Eye-Roll Emoji Instagram Freestyle, June 2019

Back in June, Whack dropped a freestyle captioned solely with an eye-rolling emoji. It's set to a head-banging hip-hop beat reminiscent of Lil Mama's throwback track "Lip Gloss." Wearing a Nefertiti necklace along with her iconic "Whack" nameplate, she touches on a mashup of typical Whack World topics, but the magic is in the details. In this case, she weaves in botanical analogies, saying she's "independent, growing fast / eucalyptus." Eucalyptus are some of the fastest-growing trees in the world; truer words have never been spoken.

West Philly Instagram Freestyle, July 2019

This is the Instagram video that prompted Meek Mill to tweet Whack is "the best female rapper in the world." Wearing a top hat with a durag, Whack hits her followers with, "They hate to see a girl rap / Who the hottest in the world? / That's the girl Whack." Of course, her bars are anything but whack as she speed-raps tightly packaged rhymes about her hard road to the top and the insecure people she's met along the way. "You want to be a real man, but you're just a mannequin panicking," she raps. When the video cuts off mid-bar, she leaves us wanting a bigger peek into Whack World.

Tim Westwood TV Freestyle, May 2019

Whack took no prisoners in May when she pulled up to the U.K. radio station Capital Xtra to freestyle on the show “Tim Westwood TV.” Rapping over a funky instrumental beat, she makes the case that she’s better than a number of celebrities, including the lofty claim that she can, “swag on Michelle Obama.” Whack also calls out DJ Khaled for his drama-courting tendencies, rapping, “You love the drama / I love being Black, and Benihana.” Despite her occasional pauses, she kills the freestyle. And from her aspirational lyrics about booking trips to Ghana for her and her mama, she knows how to kill it in real life, too.


Funk Flex Freestyle, November 2018

In her most epic freestyle on New York radio station Hot 97’s show “Funk Flex,” Whack tackles the classic beat on Busta Rhymes' “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See.” She comes out swinging with the line “I bring the funk and tell Flex to watch his ass.” Then goes on to talk about her new big-shot lifestyle with a hilarious mix of references, which somehow includes the Disney Channel movie Max Keeble’s Big Move. “I’m Max Keeble / I’m representing for the Black people / Andre meets the Beatles / Ghost writin' should be illegal,” she spits. When she ended with “Hot 97, you gonna have to rewind me,” she really wasn't kidding.

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