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What’s a Game That You Love, But Never Finished?

'Dishonored' is just one beloved game that I might never complete.
Image courtesy Bethesda

As I mentioned yesterday, speaking of the first Dishonored, I've never finished the game, despite thinking it is positively brilliant. Come to think of it, I didn't finish Dishonored 2 either, and I liked that game even more than the first. When I go through my lists of top ten games in any given year, it's a good bet that most of the longer games are marked with a sad, shameful DNF in my own imaginary history book.


The Witcher 3? The game that Rob and I adore so completely that we've mentioned it in 80% of Idle Weekend episodes? I've never seen the ending. I've scoured every island in Skellege, but never finished it. Mafia 3? DNF. Majora's Mask, my favorite Zelda game (along with Wind Waker, and I'm still figuring out where Breath of the Wild sits)? That may actually be my most shameful unfinished game. I really love Majora's Mask.

Some of this can be blamed on my job and my lifestyle. If I'm not reviewing a game, there's nothing forcing me to finish, and my job requires a lot of "tasting" new games so I can write impressions or talk about them on podcasts. Like most folks, I have hobbies and activities outside of games that call me away (which I think is important if you work in this field!)

This guy. Image courtesy Nintendo.

And part of it is my compulsive need to see everything in games that I enjoy. Like putting over 200 hours into BOTW so I made sure I saw every nook and cranny on its mammoth map, or how I needed to find every damned extra bit and bob in Dishonored 2.

But it still makes me sad, when I really, really love a game, and know that its just sitting there, begging to be completed.

I'm getting a tiny bit better about this. Yes, I put close to 60 hours into my first playthrough of Prey, but I finished it (and immediately started a new game). Those 200 hours in BOTW included a trip to the final boss and a peek at the "secret" final ending.

But I fear that most games, even the ones I really like, will forever be in my pile of unfinished shame.

What about you, dear readers? What's a beloved game that, for whatever reason, you've never finished up?

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