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Lynch Said Another 'Twin Peaks' Season Would Take 'a Few More Years'

But wait... what year is this?

On Wednesday, David Lynch teased the possibility of a fourth season of Twin Peaks, but don't expect to see the continuing adventures of Dougie and Janey-E anytime soon.

According to fan site Welcome to Twin Peaks, Lynch spoke at a Serbian art gallery over Skype this week to celebrate his photo exhibit, "Small Stories," which opened at the beginning of September. During his talk, he discussed the recent end of Twin Peaks season three, and teased the idea of more to come—eventually.


"It's too early to say if there will be a fourth season of the series," he said. "If that were the case, we would have to wait a few more years because it took me four and a half years to write and record [The Return]."

An audience member at the Belgrade Culture Centre asked Lynch about Audrey, who we last saw waking up in some kind of white room after a freaky-ass dream sequence inside the Roadhouse, but he refused to give any real answers on the character's fate.

"What matters is what you believe happened," he said, in typically vague and frustrating Lynch fashion.

Season three of Twin Peaks wasn't exactly the audience juggernaut that Showtime expected—only an average of 2 million people tuned in each week, Vulture reports, which is brutally low for a long-awaited revival series with a built-in fan base. But low viewing numbers aside, there's no question Twin Peaks: The Return was a success.

Those who stuck with it through Dougie's bladder problems, dead-end plots about drug dealer magicians, and a David Bowie tea kettle that puffs out letters like a Sesame Street sketch were treated to an 18-hour curio that is arguably Lynch's opus. The Return was equal parts brilliant, stupid, frustrating, and terrifying—often within the same episode, sometimes within the same scene—and it vomited garmonbozia on every idea about what prestige TV should be. The finale somehow managed to wrap everything up without actually wrapping anything up, and it left many fans immediately fiending for more.

Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan told Deadline last week that there were "no discussions for more Twin Peaks," but it seems like David Lynch is at least toying with the idea of bringing the gang back together again. It may just take another 25 years.

If nothing else, maybe we'll get another Fire Walk with Me–style prequel movie, this time about Freddie and his magical green glove.