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Diverse Stock Photos Have Ushered in a New Era of Memeing

TONL is bringing some color into the super white world of stock photography​. We made memes out of their best pics.

Most corny stock photos all share one key element: white people. White people stiffly shaking hands. White people with contrived laughter and fake smiles. White people playing with their white kids. And white people frolicking in fields of flowers. While stock imagery is supposed to serve as a representation of our everyday life, they often make it seem as though people of color don't even exist.

But that is where Karen Okonkwo and Joshua Kissi come in. Together, the duo created TONL, a stock image company that focuses on providing images of people of color doing everyday shit. It's the perfect salve for a time when many of the images we see of ourselves in the media are either dehumanizing or depressing.


To show off TONL's diverse new pics, VICE staffers Trey Smith, Keenan MacWilliam, and Gabby Bess took the liberty of turning some of the stock photo company's offerings into funny memes.

All the memes by Trey Smith, Keenan MacWilliams, and Gabriella Bess.