Bill Nye Drinks Wine with a Climate Change Denier in the Trailer for His Doc

The upcoming film 'Bill Nye: Science Guy' will hit theaters later this year.

The first trailer for PBS's upcoming documentary, Bill Nye: Science Guy, dropped Thursday, and it's a personal look at the Science Guy's progression from 90s kids' show personality to the bow-tied hero of rational scientific thinking he is today.

In the trailer, Nye remembers his early days with Carl Sagan—who first inspired him to create a children's series about the wonders of science—and the subsequent success of "the Science Guy show," but he doesn't spend much time dwelling on the past. With the help of friends like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Nye sets out to fix up our future, heading around the world to try and educate adults about science the very real problem of climate change.


Nye may have gotten his start making Nirvana parodies about air pressure in the 1990s, but he's got a much more serious focus in an era when the president of the United States thinks global warming is a hoax made up by China.

"Nowadays, I'm talking to adults and I'm not mincing words," Nye says in the trailer. "Climate is changing, it's our fault, we gotta get to work on this."

One of those adults is climate change denier Joe Bastardi, whom Nye sits down with for a glass of wine to talk about humans' role in global warming and the fate of Earth's future. He also travels with climate scientists to an ice-core collection station in Greenland, and sees the rising sea levels with his own eyes.

The feature-length documentary premiered at SXSW to rave reviews back in March, and PBS says it plans to give the doc a theatrical run later this year before airing it on TV as part of its POV series in 2018.

Give the Bill Nye: Science Guy trailer a watch above.