gangsta boo
All photos by Sofia Wilson

A Rap Diva Gets Photographed by an Art Prodigy

We paired Three 6 Mafias' Gangsta Boo with up-and-coming shooter Sophia Wilson.
October 10, 2017, 12:46am

Hip-hop has always been a male-dominated genre. But every era has a number of female MCs who carve out their own lane and change the game. Gangsta Boo (Lola Mitchell) is one of those gems. As the only female MC of Three 6 Mafia, her intricate, triplet flows and thoughtful sex positive rhymes paved the way for the Cardi Bs and Nicki Minajs that rule the pop charts today. Gangsta Boo's influence also continues to touch hot underground artists, such as Princess Nokia, who has adopted Boo's iconic "yeah hoe" ad-lib. And she hasn't stopped making great music either, dropping stellar guest features with Run the Jewels and solo projects like 2015's standout Candy, Diamonds, & Pills.

Like the rap world, photography is a male-dominated industry. But Sophia Wilson, who's only 17 years old, is already making a splash in it. The up-and-coming shooter has worked for publications like the Fader, Vogue Italia, and V Files.

We thought pairing these two bad-ass trailblazers together could make for some pretty great photos. Check them out below.