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Alert! Beach House Have Released Another New Song, "Dive"

Did anyone say new Beach House album?
Image via by Paulo Dourado via Wikimedia

We don't have a press release for this new Beach House song yet. However, using our brain at such an early time in the morning, we can merrymake with some facts and state thus: it looks as though Beach House are going to be releasing a strong album this year.

The evidence: the release last month of the track "Lemon Glow" and today, new track and video "Dive." Back in mid-February, the band shared the news about "Lemon Glow" on Instagram, with a little note that their "upcoming album" was "due later this spring…" If you prefer to get your facts from numerology and vibes, reason with this: the duo have released six albums and the artwork for this new track includes a pretty suggestive "7". Could that be a hint, beyond the actual confirmation in a caption anyway, that Beach House's seventh full-length is lingering just beyond the horizon? Sure! We have looked to the stars and we say yes, it is! (Also: Instagram).

Now, the song, "Dive". It is good. It fits neatly into the tonal lexicon of Beach House with Victoria Legrand's regal vocals perfectly accompanying Alex Scally's shimmering guitar licks. But then – some drums, some fast movement, a picking-up in pace! On the basis of "Lemon Glow" and "Dive", it seems as though Beach House are moving into a slightly intense and psychedelic territory. This could never be music for stadiums, that's not what Beach House are about, but it certainly deserves to be there. Listen above and keep an eye out on these streets for more abou the album.

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