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Superorganism Covered Pavement In Their Own Idiosyncratic Way

The enigmatic eight-piece performed a version of Malkmus and co.'s "Cut Your Hair" for Sirius XM.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Superorganism are fucking cool, which is great because we could always do with more fucking cool bands in and around the world. Their self-titled debut album comes out tomorrow (2 March), and, for one stop on their promotional trail, they stopped by Sirius XM, where they performed a cover of Pavement's "Cut Your Hair." You can hear that above and feel warmed by its joyfulness while you're at it.

While Superorganism and Pavement are bands with actually very different sounds, the original mood of "Cut Your Hair" remains, with the backing vocals still playing a crucial role (Superorganism's many members help out there). In particular vocalist Orono Noguchi manages to channel Stephen Malkmus' stream-of-consciousness energy, though, as with everything Superorganism do, they also manage to put their own unique stamp all over the cover. Regardless of how you're feeling, it'll almost certainly cheer you up.

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