Wiki Just Put Out Two 'No Mountains in Manhattan' Bonus Tracks

"Hands Out" is a dark bop, while "Ballin on the Low" sounds like something to play off rooftop when you're really feeling yourself.
February 20, 2018, 3:07pm

Surprises are great sometimes. When they don't involve downers like walking into your living room to find your upstairs neighbor’s washing machine has been pooling water in your ceiling for weeks or that your your one true love has been quietly shagging someone else, actually, unexpected events can be a delight. Right now, one of those good ones comes courtesy of New York rapper Wiki. The New York rapper just shared two bonus tracks from the batch of his recordings that made up last year's sprawling, kinetic album ode to his home city: No Mountains in Manhattan. "Hands Out" features Londoner Suspect, while "Ballin on the Low" has a guest verse from LA's Antwon (which features a very very good period sex shoutout)—it seems fitting, after all, for a bonus round of tracks to go beyond the NY-only features on the album itself.

Both songs were originally part of the side-scrolling game that Wiki released to coincide with his album last year, running players through New York’s streets. They sound like the warmth and sun-tingling-on-your-shoulder freedom of summer, as so much of the album did, but that won't stop them working now too (if you're also in the northern hemisphere and staggering through the final death throes of winter). "Hands Out" in particular rolls through with a lightly reverbed-vocals menace that would fit an underground party at 2AM as much as a morning where you open your windows to let the song's bass waft over the next building. Listen to them both above.

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