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Trump's Very Bad State of the Union Inspired Some Very Good Memes

From Nancy Pelosi's "petty clap" to the president's tie debacle.
Nancy Pelosi
Photo by Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Trump's 2019 State of the Union was an interminable trudge through his usual amalgam of weird tangents and baseless immigration claims, peppered with a couple flat, unconvincing calls for unity. It mostly just went to show why the State of the Union sorely needs to be put out of its misery, but thankfully, there was at least one silver lining from the night—namely, that it inspired some very good memes.


The moment Nancy Pelosi pointedly clapped at Trump's bullshit was, without question, the greatest part of the evening, and it also made for an equally strong meme:

But Pelosi wasn't the only one to get the meme treatment. Beloved sitcom bit player Buzz Aldrin did, too:

And so did a freakishly-bearded Ted Cruz:

Even Trump's wonky tie managed to inspire a few solid jokes:

And of course, last but certainly not least, was Joshua Trump—the sixth-grader who was invited to the State of the Union after apparently getting bullied about his name at school. Joshua already proved himself to be a wellspring of meme fodder long before he climbed the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday night:

But by god, he definitely delivered during the speech itself—by capturing exactly how the entire country felt about the State of the Union in one image.

We're with you, Joshua. You are not your name, bullies are just cowards, and when your parents or whoever pressure you to go sit and watch a human apricot prattle on and on, there's only one suitable response: Just fall asleep. The 2019 State of the Union was a night best appreciated unconscious.

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