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Listen to Solange's New Album 'When I Get Home'

It's finally here! Thank God!

The Solange new album rumor train's been rolling for a minute now, but today the wait is over: she's just released a 19-track record called When I Get Home. Solange has been talking about the album in interviews as if it's coming semi-imminently at least since a Billboard feature almost exactly a year ago. Based on some festival appearances, fans assumed new stuff was in the works for the spring, and now after a couple of days of teasers and the appearance of accounts on mostly dormant social media platforms, it's finally here. Thank god.


Thursday afternoon, Solange shared what turned out to be the tracklist for the record. Like that list, the tracklists on streaming platforms don't offer the full credits of who's involved. But given the wonderful quiltwork that was A Seat at the Table, it wouldn't be too shocking if there's some surprises woven into the record. Listen in full below.