Nothing Is More Indie Than the New Titus Andronicus Video

On "Number One (In New York)" the band—now going by +@—are still holding it down for an entire genre.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
January 4, 2018, 12:15pm

Titus Andronicus (now going by "+@") have today announced their glorious return, all thanks and praise to the indie rock gods. They'll be releasing their fifth album A Productive Cough on 2 March, and ahead of that, they've released a new track "Number One (In New York)" (the most indie city), and a ten-minute video to accompany it. It's a slow-moving song with a piano-led instrumental I would describe as "rousing" if I didn't hate that word; and while some might see it as a departure, Patrick Stickles thinks that's only the case if "you haven’t been paying attention."


“+@ records have always had their fair share of ballads but they were always buried. Now, they are the cornerstones," he said in a statement—and besides, he's on wet-throated form to carry you through the change. "Number One (In New York)" builds to a chorus of voices in unison that might make your hair stand on end, if you are that way inclined, and it'll almost certainly bring you round to the new sound.

The video for the track acts as a preview of a 60-minute long 'making of the album' documentary, which will be released in full on February 26. As it stands, however, it might be the most indie thing I've ever seen in my life. It is an Indie WikiHow, an Indie Rough Guide. Let's play a game of Indie Music Video Bingo:

Some Wes Anderson-looking scenery

Look at this framing. Straight out of Moonrise Kingdom. Including this in your music video is a surefire way to score with your indie dream babe, a girl called Elsa who lists 'tea' as an interest in her Instagram bio, wears cord and likes Belle and Sebastian.

Important footage of something important and serious happening in a studio

"Let me tell you something about a little thing called sound engineering."

Indie paraphernalia

Lighters are cool you guys.

This, lmao


Hands on a piano

Y'all bitches can't even spell 'authenticity'!!!!

White plimsolls

You thought these shits died in 2009 with your love of The Strokes? Think again!

Pained mic shot

Bit "Feed the World" for me if I'm honest.


Aerial footage of The Studio

"This is where the magic happens, baby."

A clarinet

Is it really a music video for a rock band on their fifth album if it doesn't include some weird fucking instruments?

That's what they call a 'full house' in the indie bingo game, I believe.

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