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Mark Hamill Got into a Fight with Ted Cruz over Net Neutrality

Going to war with the actor who plays Luke Skywalker didn't turn out too well for the Texas senator.
Original Star Wars image by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images. Ted Cruz photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

As the rest of the world squealed over porgs at The Last Jedi this past weekend, Senator Ted Cruz and Star Wars star Mark Hamill got into some serious beef on Twitter.

The exchange started Saturday morning, when Hamill tweeted about his disgust with FCC chairman Ajit Pai's brain-bleedingly bizarre, meme-packed anti-net neutrality video. In the short clip, Pai waves a bunch of fidget spinners and a lightsaber around, apparently hoping that the toys might make you forget about the shady plan he's shilling. Hamill—the man who brought the lightsaber to the big screen—wasn't too pleased to see the Jedi weapon in Pai's hands.


For some reason, Cruz read Hamill's tweet and apparently felt deeply compelled to fire back. The Texas Republican unleashed a series of convoluted Star Wars-referencing tweets in hopes of owning Hamill, but just wound up owning himself along the way. Cruz attempted to compare the Obama-era net neutrality regulations to something the Empire might try to pull, even though ignoring a majority of the American people isn't exactly the democratic world the Rebellion was fighting for. Then he worked in a Yoda quote for good measure.

Hamill responded with a pretty solid burn about Ted Cruz's porn fiasco, which melted the internet back in September.

The saga eventually petered out after Hamill, with typical Luke-like sagacity, just stepped away from the whole mess. The lesson here? Ted Cruz should know not to lecture Luke Skywalker about the Dark Side.