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The Libertines Are Opening a Hotel (In Margate, Obviously)

The Albion Rooms is a five-storey property with a "a distinctly Libertines style.”

When you first heard "Time for Heroes" where did you think The Libertines might be in the year 2018? Biggest band on the planet, perhaps? Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, maybe? Property developers? Not so much, but that does appear to be what has happened.

The Libertines have announced that The Albion Rooms, their very own hotel, will be opening its doors soon (there's even a video taking a 'first look' at the property, which you can watch above). It's described in a statement received by NME as "a living art space, a Warholian factory, with guest rooms, a bar and studio," which will also double as a "creative home" for the band. The guest rooms are said to be "individually designed… each with a distinctly Libertines' style," which doesn't necessarily sound five star, considering the band's well-known aesthetic, but certainly charming nonetheless, plus they have enough extremely devoted fans to book it out for years.

The Albion Rooms is located in Margate, which is quite possibly the most Libertines-appropriate location on the planet – often grey and miserable, but above all romantically British and nostalgic for years gone by. The plans initially met with resistance from local relatives who worried that things might get a bit rowdy. But to be honest, room service and gin in teacups doesn't sound like too much of a wild one, does it?

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