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Some Genius Made a Recipe for Edible Tide Pods

Seriously, don’t eat Tide Pods—but you can make these 'Hypothetical Edible Tide Pods' instead.
Some Genius Made a Recipe for Edible Tide Pods
Photo via Twitter user broderick

It's hard to fathom—I know—but 2017 ended in the dumbest way imaginable when various segments of Twitter rallied around the concept of eating Tide Pods—which, to be clear, are toxic sacks of laundry detergent. This is the meme that refuses to die.

Still, if Tide's warnings against ingesting these pods haven't been enough to quiet your cravings for cleaning fluid, Tumblr user “sometimessmarmy,” who identifies themselves as a 20-year-old named Rolan, has a solution for you. Say hello to a “Hypothetical edible tide pods recipe,” baby!


Folks, this is genius at work. Posted to Tumblr this past Saturday, our pal Rolan has created a thorough recipe that walks you through how to make each of the Pod's four components: Their blue and orange swirls, the white gel, and the dissolvable plastic casing. The ingredients primarily consist of Knox unflavored gelatin, water, condensed milk, and berry blue- and orange-flavored Jell-O. You'll also need brownie pans and parchment paper, and it wouldn't hurt if you've got swirl molds in your kitchen, either.

I'd wager, though, that the best part of the recipe might be near the end, when you're asked to delicately smash all components together with the aid of "a lighter, torch, or hair dryer"—whatever you've got just sitting around your house—to fuse the various parts together. Place these beauties in the fridge, where they'll settle overnight, ready to eat the next day.

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Sounds simple enough!

Unfortunately, Rolan, who could not be reached for comment by MUNCHIES on Tuesday, hasn’t tested the recipe. “Everyone wants to eat them and I want to make an edible version,” Rolan writes in the recipe’s headnotes. “I haven’t done this so if something is off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,” they caution.

Well, if these small, swirly pouches of gelatin suck, don’t blame poor Rolan, who just wants to make sure you don’t eat detergent.