ABRA Is At Her Dark, Dreamy Best on New Track "B.R.A.T."

The brooding track is produced by ABRA's frequent collaborator Father.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
January 17, 2018, 12:40pm
Image via PR

With any luck, 2018 will yield a new album from ABRA, self-styled Darkwave Duchess and – for my money at least – bedroom R&B queen. Last night she teased new music via Twitter: "i'm over numbers i just wanna share," she wrote. Shortly after, she released a new track, "B.R.A.T.," on her Soundcloud page.

Produced by Father, "B.R.A.T." follows ABRA's pretty singular lo-fi R&B formula, which – while also being the perfect soundtrack to sitting in your room casting love spells – will transport you to a smoky basement in a European city if you close your eyes. It's a win for ABRA who, as well as having established an instantly recognisable sound with the cherry of her soft, youthful vocals on top, is also a magnetic live prospect,. Both times I've seen her play, she moves hypnotically and barely defers from record in the vocal stakes – it'd be exciting to see her taking more new material like "B.R.A.T." out for a spin in future. Listen to it below.

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