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You can Now Watch Alex Ovechkin Dance to 'Africa' by Toto, Among other Songs

Someone is setting all kinds of songs to a video of the Washington Capitals captain and Stanley Cup Champ dancing in the locker room. Please Enjoy.
Screen capture via Twitter/@OviDancing 

Every now and then, the internet is handed a blank palatte by the gods. One shining image or video that's begging to be messed with. And so was born the Ovechkin Dances to [X Song] meme.

Alex Ovechkin, the captain and winger for the Washington Capitals, provided an infinite spring of great content in the days after his Stanley Cup victory. He nearly drank his way through Vegas and then DC upon his return, said of bunch of hilarious shit, and called everyone "babes" in the process.


Well one particular artist of the internet—Twitter user @OviDancing—picked up on the untapped potential of a video of Ovechkin dancing in the locker room before yesterday's parade, and spun pure gold by layering other songs on top.

You want Ovi dancing to "Africa"? You got it.

How about The Office theme?

Carlton and Will have some competition for best use of "Apache."

Let the music move you.

And here's my personal favorite:

But here's the one that launched them all:

Oh, and this person is apparently taking requests too. May whoever started this Twitter account never die, and may they keep making this meme for all eternity. It is delightful.