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Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. Were Spotted at the Same Airport Gate

And we have, roughly, a shit ton of questions.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images; Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

On Friday, Politico spotted Donald Trump Jr. and special counsel Robert Mueller waiting for their flights at the same airport gate in Washington, DC. It's unsurprising that these two prominent men who spend a lot of time in the swamp were spotted at the same DC airport gate, but it is nevertheless amusing that the head of the Russia probe and a man swept up in that investigation happened to cross paths in the most mundane of circumstances.


There is, quite frankly, a lot going on in the blatantly fucking awkward scene above. So to break it all down, here are all the questions the VICE staff has about this photo:

1. Where are they going?
2. Are they on the same flight?
3. How did an SNL cold open become real life?
4. When is #PlaneBae girl going to show up to document this?
5. Why isn't Don Jr. flying private?
6. Is this seemingly normal guy staring into the distance actually Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise?

7. Is Don Jr. wearing a camo hat because he's attending some kind of hunting party?
8. What is Mueller reading so intently?

9. And… is he reading about himself in the newspaper?
10. What does the button on Don Jr.'s bag say?

11. Where are Mueller's security guards? Seems unsafe.
12. Are they both in first class?
13. Is Don Jr. one of those annoying people who lines up right by the gate, way before his boarding group is called?
14. Why is this secret service agent my new style icon?

15. Who is Mueller’s barber? (Tight cut.)
16. Is Mueller about to personally hand him a subpoena? Doesn't he have people to do that for him?
17. Do you think they acknowledged each other at all?
18. Did Don Jr. call his girlfriend to be like "OMG you'll never guess who's at my gate!" or is he just frantically trying to get on a different flight?
19. What's up with this duct-taped charging station?

20. Does Mueller prefer peanuts or pretzels?
21. What color is Don Jr.'s shirt? Neon teal?
22. And for someone who has so much money, how is it that Don Jr. can't find a shirt that fits?
23. Who took the picture?
24. Was Don Jr. afraid?
25. Did the airline know about this ahead of time?
26. Will they run into each other in line for the plane's bathroom?
27. Will the flight attendants mention that they're both onboard?
28. Will this be the first of many more chance encounters?


UPDATE: We now have a better look at what's going on inside the plane, so here are a few more questions…

29. Is Don Jr. sitting in economy?
30. Can we safely assume Don Jr. prefers window to aisle?
31. Are those sunglasses glued onto the secret service man's head?
32. Ever heard of AirPods, Don?

We may never get any answers, but at least we can bask in the awkward glory of this picture knowing that most of America is probably having a better flight than Donald Trump Jr. is right now.

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