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Michael Cohen's lawyer says he's willing to dig into Trump's past “as far back as anyone wants”

Asked how far back Cohen is willing to go, Davis replied: all the way.

Michael Cohen’s done a lot of stuff “he’s not proud of” during his decade of service as President Trump’s personal attorney and self-styled “fixer,” Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, told VICE News.

And he’s willing to share details stretching all the way back to the beginning of their relationship to the present day — including whatever might help special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, Davis said.


“There are things that he was involved in that he doesn't think are so great. That he’s not proud of. …That he’s willing to talk about,” Davis said in an interview Wednesday. “But I think most important is, the eligibility of a man who seems unfit for the presidency.”

Davis’ comments come a day after Cohen pled guilty in a Manhattan courtroom to eight counts of finance-related crimes, including two that involved breaking campaign laws in what Davis described as an effort to help Trump win the presidency. The latter counts could quickly prove to be a nightmare for Trump, legal experts told VICE News.

“For the first time, prosecutors have a case that touches Trump personally rather than just his inner circle,” Jens David Ohlin, Cornell Law vice dean, said.

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During press appearances Wednesday, Davis continued to ratchet up the pressure on the president, who he admits he wants to see impeached and removed from office after a “thorough investigation.”

“Donald Trump secretly used my client to pay off women that he had had relationships with,” Davis said.

“He wants to tell the truth to Robert Mueller.”

Now, he said, Cohen is ready to share what he knows with Mueller’s team, which is investigating, in part, whether the Trump campaign collaborated with Russia to influence the 2016 election that made Trump president.

“He wants to tell the truth to Robert Mueller,” Davis said. “He wants to tell the truth to the American people.” Davis wouldn’t answer whether Cohen has any meetings scheduled with the Special Counsel’s office.


Trump, Davis said, has created the groundwork for a possible impeachment.

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“Mr. Trump on the face of the evidence has lied to the American people,” he said. “That's an impeachable offense.”

Asked how far back Cohen is willing to go, Davis replied: all the way.

“As far back as anyone wants,” Davis said.

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