Bougie Coworking Space WeWork Removes Meat from Events and Bans Employees Expensing It

The company estimates that the move will save 15,507,103 animals by 2023.
Photo via WeWork

Eating meat is one of the worst things we human beings do to the planet. Factory farming is considered to be the biggest contributor to climate change, and also restricts smol piglets and cute chicks from fulfilling their lifelong dream of frolicking around fields and having friends and dying peacefully in the arms of their pig husband, all because of a measly human desire for a cheese and ham sandwich.


Although large companies are not usually known for their righteous environmental morals, it seems some organisations are catching on to the meat-free trend. Last week, US company WeWork, which has nearly 6,000 employees worldwide, announced that it would no longer serve meat at events, nor would it allow staff to expense food that contained poultry or red meat.

According to the Guardian, WeWork co-founder Miguel McKelvey announced in an email to staff that the reason for the change was mostly environmental. He wrote: “New research indicates that avoiding meat is one of the biggest things an individual can do to reduce their personal environmental impact, even more than switching to a hybrid car.”

WeWork estimates that its new meat-reduction policy will save 16.6 billion gallons of water, 445.1 million pounds of CO2 emissions, and 15,507,103 animals by 2023. It is not clear whether McKelvey also plans to remove dairy products and leather from the organisation.

MUNCHIES reached out to WeWork, who confirmed that the new stance on meat extends to WeWork employees and events in the UK too.

This isn’t WeWork’s first attempt at becoming more environmentally conscious. A “Summer Camp” networking event taking place this August in the UK, which costs up to $409 (£309) to attend, claims to be “100-percent landfill-free” and will not serve meat.

I’m sure all WeWork members paying £550 a month for a desk will be delighted at their newly ethical office.