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When It Comes to Game Endings, Would You Rather Be Happy or Satisfied?

On Waypoint Radio, we talk about those rare games that end a series on a high note.
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On today's episode of Waypoint Radio, Rob, Patrick, Austin and Danielle gather to discuss games that attempt the herculean task of ending a series on a satisfying note. There are many threes today: The Banner Sage 3, Mass Effect 3, Dark Souls 3, and more, and, of course, a discussion that encompasses fan labor.

Discussed: The Banner Saga 3, Mass Effect 3, Dark Souls 3, BioShock, The Witcher 3, Animorphs, The Walking Dead (Telltale), Metal Gear Solid V, Sherlock Holmes, Half Life, The Leftovers, Herotodus, Fast Lane, Nightmare on Elm Street

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