Six Words

We Asked People to Describe Their Personal Utopia In Six Words

“Open grass full of cute corgis.”
Illustration by Diedra Cavina

The world is a crazy place right now. People are being arrested for their sexuality, instances of religious intolerance are on the rise, our former governor is behind bars for blasphemy charges, a former reality TV host is the president of the United States, and the fate of Rohingya Muslims is still as uncertain as ever. The list goes on. On top of everything, fake news is everywhere from your Facebook feed to your family's WhatsApp group.


So how do we maintain some sense of sanity?

While Diane Lockhart, on "The Good Fight" just bursts out laughing every time the world gets crazier, I like to zone-out and dwell in my utopian dream where men don’t constantly mansplain things to me—and suddenly I feel OK. In her latest piece for VICE Magazine, E.J. Graff wrote about doing the same thing. In her version of utopia, “people who are sexually harassed will feel no shame… so the shame all belongs on the predator.” Amen to that.

It got me thinking about other people's version of utopia. So we asked a bunch of people to tell us theirs, but only in six words, because in my other version of utopia, people aren't so long-winded.

“I am not pressured to marry.” —Dyanie, 25

“Work is abolished, life is leisure.” —Mei, 28 “Where humans can finally be content.” —Putri, 21 “I am not pregnant right now.” —Anne, 20 "Enough sleep, worry less, eat properly." —Bintang, 23 “Fewer fuckboys, more gentlemen with dignity.” —Fey, 23 “A secular, meritocratic, and constitutional empire.” —Rully, age unknown “Feminist. Free. Frank. It is Scandinavia.” —Mario, 35 “Wish I were not a breadwinner.” —Luna, 34

“The happiest brainy and independent women.” —Naya, 17 “I wasn't be born at all." —Zo, 21 “I can wear whatever I want.” —Ayue, 26 “Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.” —Bambang, 36 “People embraced themselves and others, equally.” —Dito, 21 “Everyone lives in harmony without agony.” —Jendra, 20 “Want to spread love like violence.” —Qori, 31 “Free education for all Indonesian students.” —Megan, 27 “People treat one other with respect.” —Putri, 26


“Affordable healthcare and education for all.” —Nana, 25 “Paid with burgers instead of money.” —Ekastr, 20 “World without work but still meaningful.” —Nike, 27 “Indonesians not freaking out about religion.” —Ninus, 36 "Humans make love, robots do work.” —Odi, 24 “Gamers are no longer considered immature.” —Fachrul, 24

“Pussy served on a silver platter.” —Rara, 26 “More trees growing than human beings.” —Pepitoh, 23 “Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.” —Mike, 39 “Classless society and free public sphere.” —Dio, 28 “Open grass full of cute corgis.” —Yudhis, 31 “All loved ones in one place.” —Alia, 22 “Help each other regardless of religion.” —Bageru, 23

“Build a happy and prosperous family.” —Amin, 25 “Enjoy myself after mortgage paid off.” —Rina, 28

“No limits to all my dreams.” —Resti, 26 “Not regretting every decision I make.” —Minara, 18

“Here, people talking like NPCs.” —Deni, 23