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John Cena Graced the VICE Office with Some Pretty Fine Piano Playing

The WWE star is practically the size of a baby grand piano.
Screen capture via Twitter/@peterslattery3

Here at the New York VICE offices, there are all kinds of fun things. Like free hummus, cheese sticks, and coffee mugs that say "VICE" on them. What I'm getting at is: it has the potential to be pretty chill, despite being a workplace.

But it's an infrequent occurrence that we get our very own personal John Cena visit, a visit that includes him tickling the ivories on the baby grand piano that's parked in our lobby.

What a maestro. Who knew that he could play the piano—not to mention really, really well? I guess if you did a quick search, you would know that after finding him playing a version of The Pixies "Where is My Mind" pretty close to the fucking T.

Anyway, we just thought you might enjoy what we were just treated to earlier this rainy New York afternoon. Also, just look at that man—he's practically the size of the baby grand itself.