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After Thinking Battle Royale Games Weren't For Me, I Tried 'Fortnite'

The accessibility and weirdo personality of 'Fortnite' are winning, at least for me.
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I know. This is the sort of opinion that will get me plenty of side-eye with my colleagues, who got extremely into Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and for good reason. But I think I like Fortnite much better.

I respect PUBG. But the one time I played it, I got stuck in roof geometry until I died, then, in the next match, I realized that controller support was half-assed, and I can’t play mouse and keyboard games thanks to a bad wrist. So, I was completely, utterly useless, with no real roadmap to not be useless.


Also… honestly, I never liked the way PUBG looks. I’m sorry! It looks like Unity Asset store stuff. Maybe it is! Again, I’m sorry!

But picking up Fortnite—and I’ve only played a teeny tiny smidgen at this point, and only on-stream with my friends and coworkers—I immediately had fun. I was capable of doing things, as a total scrub, even if that just meant breaking a bunch of crap and building useless staircases. I’m bad, but I can see the road, at least, to actually becoming a competent player. And, lord be praised, I can play with a controller and not be completely borked.

I really dig some of the PVE elements, and here’s the real shocker: I don’t dislike the way it looks. At first glance (and I think I said this on the podcast once), I wasn’t impressed, but actually playing it, it reminds me just a bit of Sunset Overdrive and Saints Row. The whole thing is over-the-top, but knowingly so, all bullshit cartoons and low-grade satire that’s actually fun to muck about in, as game worlds go.

So yes, I know this makes me one of the unwashed masses (worse, a teen among the unwashed masses), but I can’t lie. Fortnite just appeals to me a little more than PUBG.

Auntie Knuckles ain’t proud.

How about you, dear readers? Do you have a game that is a total ripoff/and or maybe the less cool version of something that you just can’t help but prefer? Let us know in the forums!