Kai Whiston's 'Mukbang' Mixtape is Like a 3D-Rendered Food Fight

Find out why Mary Anne Hobbs and Iglooghost are fans of the 18-year-old UK producer.
June 27, 2017, 7:03pm
Photo courtesy of artist

To celebrate recently finishing high school, rising Dorset, UK beatmaker Kai Whiston has shared a new 35-minute mixtape consisting entirely of original material and remixes.

Mukbang takes its name from an online video genre that originated in South Korea, in which hosts eat large amounts of food on camera. The 18-year-old producer, who has already received co-signs from Brainfeeder affiliate Iglooghost and BBC Radio's Mary Anne Hobbs, engorges the stereo field in the session, dripping and twisting murky globs of sound in an abstract, expressive manner. Across 14 tracks, kaleidoscopic chunks of sound splatter against one another like a 3D-rendered food fight, evoking artists like Arca and Autechre's more untethered software experiments.


The mix follows Whiston's 2016 EP on TAR, Houndstooth, and includes a collaboration with Portland experimental bass producer Noer the Boy. Listen to Mukbang, which features artwork by American multimedia artist Sam Rolfes (Amnesia Scanner, Kingdom, Mykki Blanco), and check out a tracklist below.

Mukbang Tracklist:

1. An Update (Intro)
2. Tether
3. Mukbang
4. Lux
5. Slugabed - Winter (Kai Whiston Remix)
6. Gobsmack
7. Brain Fritta
8. Broody
9. Teeth Chissel
10. Embryo
11. Split Bone
12. Joe Petersen's Interlude
13. Gum Weep (feat. Noer the Boy)
14. Drayen's Revenge (Outro)

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