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Dalí Meets Transhumanism in a Concept Artist's Dystopian Universe

Robbie Trevino channels the Spanish surrealist's sense of scale and imagination in detailed illustrations of space cowboys and flesh-tech.

If Salvador Dalí grew up playing BioShock and watching Cowboy Bebop, he may have been as obsessed with "flesh-tech" and space pirates as Robbie Trevino. Dalí's unconventional use of the human form certainly made an impact on the gaming concept artist's self-described "universe of uh….weirdness." He's been slowly adding new work to this collection, labeled Numinous, for two years. His transhumanist drawings depict what might happen if biohacking fully scaled, becoming as ubiquitous as the combustion engine, the cell phone, and in military environments, the tank and the gun.


Check out Trevino's imaginative vehicles, characters, and situations in the Instagrams below:

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