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Watch This Guy Blow Up a Fridge Filled with Explosives and Almost Die

Image: YouTube

As a Canadian immigrant, I am usually baffled by America's hard-on for guns. But there's something about this video, wherein a gentleman with a southern accent blows up a refrigerator stuffed with explosives and nearly gets killed in the process, that appeals to me.

According to the video description, the refrigerator was stuffed full of Tannerite, the brand name for a type of explosive material generally used for target practice. It's a binary explosive, meaning it contains two agents that are neutral until you mix them and provide enough energy, in this case by shooting them. It's like shooting at a tin can except that tin can BLOWS UP Y'ALL!


Tannerite is designed to produce a pretty safe, small explosion but when you use it in a container it can create shrapnel, like the door that nearly decapitates this shooter. Refrigerator doors can weigh between 20 and 40 lbs and at that velocity could easily have killed or seriously injured this guy.

Then again, it's the internet, so there's a chance the whole video could be faked. Motherboard reached out to Captain Disillusion, a YouTuber who debunks phony videos, and he said it didn't look like a hoax:

That's why the folks in this video give themselves plenty of space before using Tannerite to explode an old Ford Bronco:

In all honesty, I grew up in the country and although Canadians in general are not as fascinated with guns, every country kid loves to see shit explode. My utter joy at this video might now outrank the time I did a hog whistle to get someone's attention in the office as my most country moment at Motherboard.

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UPDATE: We have updated this post to note the possibility that this video could have been faked.