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Abstract VFX Shapes Do Wonders in This Dazzling Video by Universal Everything

The designers behind Radiohead’s 2014 audiovisual app, Polyfauna, return with a new batch of futuristic ideas.
June 4, 2017, 11:45am

Screens of the Future takes a slick design into the future of the digital world through short bursts of animation, featuring surreal sequences and shapes. The visually arresting series comes from the minds of acclaimed London-based VFX firm, Universal Everything, who are known for decorating well-known public spaces, like the surface of Times Square, the Sydney Opera House, as well as designing Radiohead's experimental audiovisual app, Polyfauna, in 2014.


In a new crop of 23 astonishing animations, Universal Everything strings together their latest developments in an entertaining three-minute video showcase. The team parlays their penchant for high-tech and whimsical murals into a new exploration of screens and flexible displays. Throughout Screens of the Future, the team looks closely at "humanity's increasingly integrated relationship with technology" at times literally blurring the lines between one dimension or CG pattern into the next.

Check out the fascinating and surreal animations through GIFs, and the complete video, below:

See an individual spotlight of each prototype on Universal Everything's Vimeo page, here. Explore more of the firm's past work on their website, here.


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