Tory Week

Welcome to VICE's Tory Week

All this week we'll be focusing on Britain's fastest-growing subculture: Tories.
May 31, 2017, 12:37pm

Tories – they live amongst us, yet we know so little about them. Okay, yes: they're generally in favour of keeping everything exactly the way it is, because that's been working out just fine. We know that. They're the least compassionate of all parties. We know that to be true. They present themselves as inherently the most reliable. We know that to be dubious.

We know all this, yes, but what about the stuff we don't know? What's it like to live the life of a Tory – to spend your weekends drinking champagne and playing cricket in idyllic Middle England, or buying a £3.5 million house like the housing crisis doesn't even exist?


To explore what it is to be a Tory in 2017, all this week on we'll be trying to get to grips with the followers of the UK's leading party. Read what's already up below, and stay tuned over the next couple of days to see more.

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