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Desus & Mero

Freddie Gibbs Tells Desus and Mero About Therapy and Writing in Prison

The rapper stopped by the VICELAND show to talk about his experience on 'THE THERAPIST.'

Last month, Freddie Gibbs went on VICELAND's THE THERAPIST and sat down with the show's Dr. Siri Sat Sam Singh to digest some of his toughest experiences. Now that he's had some time to reflect, the rapper joined Desus and Mero to talk about what happened during his televised therapy session.

Gibbs told the hosts that his experience on the show was "emotional as fuck" and that it felt like he was talking to Professor Xavier. Although it was fulfilling, the rapper later told the late-night hosts that he doesn't actually go to therapy in real life and his stop on the THE THERAPIST was a one-off.

During the interview, Gibbs also talked about the difference between Indiana and California weed, NFL legend Eric Dickerson, and what it's like to be in an Austrian prison.

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