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Selena Gomez Has Crush, Wears Bell-bottoms in New "Bad Liar" Video

There's 70s wallpaper, a high school crush, and one fake mustache.

Selena Gomez's latest single, "Bad Liar," is indisputably good and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me. David Byrne liked it so much that he let Gomez use the iconic bassline from Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer" to hold down the pop star's infatuated vocals; the result is a track that retains just enough of its parent track's simplicity and anxiety to allow an all-consuming crush to sound fresh and interesting. The video for the track, released this afternoon, is as refreshingly fun as the track itself. Gomez is an outcast high school student with a crush on her female basketball coach. That coach seems to be in a relationship with Gomez's father, played by Gomez herself wearing a wig and a mustache, which is fun in itself.


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