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Cleveland-Area Ice Cream Shop Serves Up Cold Diss to Draymond Green

To be fair, he was asking for it.
CP'S Cooler Twitter Account @CPS_COOLER

After missing an historic opportunity to go 16-0 in the post season with a Warriors L, Draymond Green was running his mouth (surprise!) about all kinds of stuff. Then the man decided to go after the whole city of Cleveland by saying, "They don't seem to be the sharpest people around." Not kind. But perhaps the craziest part of the interview was that he went out of his way to slam them.

Well, as you can imagine, the people of Cleveland didn't take too kindly to being called dumby-dumb-ka-dumb-dumbs. So one local ice cream shop—nestled in the majestic suburb of Willowick, Ohio—decided to use its sign to throw some shade back at Draymond:

Solid diss. Also, note the civility and kindness around their message. "Pretty sure…." Leave it to midwesterners to insult you with a smile.

Also, sharp? Kitchen utensils? Spoons? Seems like CP's Cooler has played Knifey-Spoony before…