This story is over 5 years old.

Bandung Shoegazers Collapse Bring the Fall Weather to the Tropics in 'Cold November'

The young band is back with another infectiously nostalgic 90s ripper.

It's no secret that the VICE Indonesia office has some serious love for Bandung's Collapse. We named their song "Given" as one of our favorites of 2016 and the best songs on their EP Grief were a near-perfect distillation of the grungy 90s influence currently re-inventing the US hardcore/punk scene.

The band is back with a video for "Cold November"—another song that employs their signature mix of big guitars and emo melodies. The low-key video features the band playing in a vacant warehouse while the camera keeps moving, spinning around the room to capture each member of the four piece playing in crisp black-and-white before pulling out to tell the bigger story in full color.

Andika, formerly of the mathcore band ALICE, and crew are mining some familiar territory here. Hardcore bands used to "grow up" and turn into emo bands. Now they "age up" their sound by looking back at the 90s. But the reality here is that Collapse does it so well that fans of bigger bands like Title Fight and Nothing are going to find a lot to like.