The Creek Boyz Recruited Lil Yachty For A New Version of "With My Team"

The Baltimore group's breakout single just got bigger.

Baltimore group Creek Boyz worked themselves into a number of end-of-year lists (including ours) in 2017 with their stellar tribute to friendship and community, "With My Team." It was shockingly the group's first song they ever recorded together, and their chemistry proved to be so flawless that it helped them land a deal with 300 Entertainment shortly after. But they've gained plenty of other fans within the music industry since then. One of those people is Lil Yachty, who has publicly shared his love for the song on a number of occasions over the past few months. Today, Lil Boat's support manifested in the form of a "With My Team" remix, with all new verses from Creek Boyz members Turk P. Diddy, Fedi Mula, J. Reezy, and ETS Breeze. The way Yachty's verse meshes perfectly into Turk P. Diddy's it sounds like he could easily be the group's fifth member, or at the very least, a regular contributor.


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