Desus and Mero Discuss Trump's Fast-Food Diet

According to the VICELAND hosts, the president pretty much eats like a crossfaded college kid.
December 5, 2017, 2:51pm

It's no secret that Donald Trump isn't the healthiest guy out there. But now, thanks to some new insider information, we learned just how far his unhealthy habits reach: Trump's presidential diet resembles that of a 17-year-old stoner.

An upcoming book by ousted campaign manager Corey Lewandowski details Trump's favorite foods, including KFC, pizza, Diet Coke, and of course, McDonald's. His trademark feast at Mickey D's happens to be two Big Macs, a chocolate malt, and two of the perpetually controversial Filet-O-Fish—a sandwich that happens to be Desus Nice's favorite, as well.

"If even someone as bad as Donald Trump can enjoy a Filet-O-Fish, that is the unity we need to bring this nation together," Desus said.

Mero—Filet-O-Fish's biggest foe—disagreed, and continued to voice his disdain for the burger alternative on Monday night's episode.

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