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Bloc Release a Statement on Twitter Distancing Themselves from Founder's Controversial "Dull Hipster" Article

The rest of the festival's team claim that George Hull's now infamous Spectator article "doesn't represent Bloc."
March 21, 2016, 4:21pm

At the end of last week our still glowing memories of 2016's Bloc Weekender were thrown under a bus somewhat, when one of the festival's founders, George Hull, wrote a piece reflecting his disdain for the 21st century raver. His article, published in the Spectator, was full of scorn for "dull hipsters," stretching as far as to attack safe spaces and inclusivity in nightclubs, as well as arguing that raves are more fun when they are more dangerous. We responded at the time.


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Bloc have since issued a statement on Twitter, simply stating that: "Bloc is a collective. One guy from it wrote an article, and that doesn't represent Bloc." The short statement goes on to assure festival goers that their organisation "extends a welcoming vibe to every single person who comes together to share in the experience." It concludes with a simple, "Love, power, respect, admiration - to you all."

— Bloc (@BLOCWKND)March 21, 2016

The statement will no doubt be a welcome gesture for the many people who were left bemused and angered by Hull's comments—including Ben UFO

and DJ Moxie to name a few.