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Melbourne's Don Makes Music That's as Haunting as it is Inviting

Listen to the exclusive premiere of split single "Coast / Hymn" now.
September 30, 2016, 1:10am

Don is an experimental musician and sound designer out of Melbourne who creates ethereal electronic music. On his debut release "Coast / Hymn," Don puts himself out there as an artist whose music pulses with a driving force which somehow remains calm, evoking tinkering soundscapes similar to The Caretaker but only if The Caretaker was a bit more inclined to letting a beat sneak in here and there.

Inspired by a recent trip to the remote Pacific, Don took recordings of the people, objects and plant life of the Cook Islands and used them as the basis of his work. This experience resulted in two tracks that are just as haunting as they are inviting. Through his sampling of natural sounds on "Coast / Hymn" Don manages to evoke the landscapes of the Cook Islands not only sonically but in some deep, otherly way.

Don's work also places a strong emphasis on visuals—he posted several short videos on his Instagram that tease snippets of the songs with flowing, mesmerising visuals. The cover art for each song is attributed to Sydney-based artist Aldous Massie. His paintings of both found and organic objects compliment Don's conceptual amalgamation between the natural and the digital.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of split single "Coast / Hymn" below.

"Coast / Hymn" is out today through Spirit Level.