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Sebastian Tellier, HODOR and Seven Davis Jnr: MoVement Sydney Just Released Their First Line Up

It's huge.

Well if you were planning on crawling into bed, pulling the covers over your head, and never getting up again because of Sydney's "dwindling nightlife culture" you can… not… do that.

The New South Wales government may not give a single fuck about Sydney's music and arts scene but by the looks of the city's calendar over the next few months, a hell of a lot of people actually do.

One such event to flag in your diary is the upcoming MoVement Festival, running over five days this October, breathing life into every corner of the city with warehouse parties, record swap meets, club nights, live streams and, we're sure, a whole lot more.

MoVement announced their first round line up this morning, and it is, in a word, sick.

From Mind Gamers (Sebastian Tellier, Daniel Stricker and John Kirby) to HODOR (AKA Kristian Nairn), Seven Davis Jnr to Baro. Mall Grab, Sleep D, Shags Chamberlain, Wave Racer, GL and heaps more.

Check out the full line up here.