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6 GIFs Describe the Moment When You Realize You’re High

These GIFs are the only answer you need for the question, "What did you do last night?"

You're not hungover, you just took a hit too many and are still kind of zooted. Zonked enough that when your buddy messages asking what you did last night, words are hard. Good news! Today, you can give alphanumeric representation a rest. Animators Alexandre Louvenaz, Maggie RAPT, Cool 3D World, Andre Kasay, and Julian Glander had to have been there, because they get it. Their GIFs communicate every kind of woah-face, from I Just Realized I'm The Greatest At Guitar to I Have Achieved Buddha-Level Enlightenment And Now My Face Is Upside-Down. If you can barely read this, scroll to the bottom for Glander's take on the What Do I Do With My Hands face.


Alexandre Louvenaz

Cool 3D World

Andre Kasay

GIPHY Studios

Maggie RAPT

Julian Glander

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