White House Press Secretary Roasts Tom Brady For Saying "Balls" So Much


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White House Press Secretary Roasts Tom Brady For Saying "Balls" So Much

Even the White House is getting in on the fun of saying, or at least alluding to, balls.

If there is one good thing about this Patriots deflated footballs scandal, it is without question our enduring juvenility as a people. A man stands in front of a microphone and says "balls" approximately one thousand times and a nation is reduced to sniggering 12-year-olds. This is good; we should laugh at "balls" because "balls" is a funny word already—just say it out loud five times—and with the added taboo reference to genitalia, it's got a lot going for it comedically. No one should think they are above making a balls joke.

But there are times and places where we should not be laughing about balls. One such time and place is when the executive branch addresses the country from the White House press room. And so we have Josh Earnest, the White House Press Secretary and spokesman for the President of the United States, ribbing Tom Brady for saying "balls" over and over, and reminding Americans that part of his job is to not say "balls" because then nothing will ever get done. So he just alludes to balls and gets on with the business of running a country full of sniggering 12-year-olds.

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