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A Stalker Allegedly Followed Malia Obama to Her Internship and Proposed

He's reportedly accosted the former first daughter in Washington and New York, declaring his love for her.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US

The Secret Service detained a guy in New York after he repeatedly tried to holler at Malia Obama, the New York Daily News reports.

Sources told the Daily News that Jair Nilton Cardoso, who lives in Brooklyn, had tried to accost the former first daughter back when she lived at the White House but was now following her to her internship in New York.

On April 10, Cardoso showed up to a building in Tribeca—where Obama is reportedly interning for Harvey Weinstein—and managed to get up to the fourth floor. He apparently brandished a sign and thrust it at her office window, before begging her to marry him.

Secret Service kicked Cardoso out, but two days later, he showed up at Obama's second internship location, this time in the West Village. Secret Service agents recognized him as the same dude who had tried harass her at the White House and promptly asked him to get lost.

Then, the next day, a few agents showed up to Cardoso's apartment in New York, ostensibly decked out like Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black, to interview him.
Concerned he might have mental health issues, they brought him to a hospital in Brooklyn and notified the cops. According to the Daily News, authorities are now deciding if they'll slap Cardoso with stalking or harassment charges.

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