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Canadian Craft Brewery to Release 'Fake News' Ale

Each beer will be complete with a picture of you-know-who on each can.
Photo courtesy of Maverick Brewing Co.

Canada is basically trolling the United States with its handsome, compassionate leader and its functional healthcare system, so why not add a few cans of beer too? An about-to-launch craft brewery's first release will be Fake News Ale, complete with a picture of you-know-who on each can.

Northern Maverick says that the beer will "pair well with small hands, striking comb overs, huge egos, and all things Mexican." The Ale is part of what Northern Maverick calls its "charitable line of beers," and 5 percent of its sales will go to helping the United States reverse a "questionable policy."


"We are going to provide a list of charitable causes on our website that can be voted on by the public. People can also write in a cause if they wish," Jason Kaptyn, the founder of Northern Maverick, told MUNCHIES. "The charities that we suggest for voting will focus on areas that have been hurt by the current administration's policies."

As for the other charitable beers, Northern Maverick hasn't decided on a cause or a focus or the next one. Kaptyn says that additional do-gooding ales will be released in six to 18 month increments.

Northern Maverick will be opening a brewery and restaurant in Toronto later this summer, complete with an oyster bar, nine Northern Maverick beers on tap and a retail store where you can presumably stock up on all the Fake News Ale you can carry across the border.

Kaptyn said that no one from the Trump administration had contacted Northern Maverick in response to the beer ("I don't think they're craft beer drinkers," he said). His operation isn't the first to market an anti-Trump ale. Spiteful Brewing in Chicago had a Dumb Donald Double IPA and 5 Rabbit Cerveceria rebranded its Trump Golden Ale as Chinga Tu Pelo (Fuck Your Hair) after a then-campaigning Trump shared some of his thoughts about Mexican immigrants.

"His brain still functions at a minimal level with a vocabulary of a second grade student… you might even start to feel sorry for this man-child," Spiteful Brewing said after releasing Dumb Donald. "Resist that urge, pop open this key lime DIPA and pretend you're on a far-away island where people like 'Dumb Donald' simply don't exist."