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Macauley Culkin Gets Crucified in Father John Misty’s Sacri-licious New Music Video

The Adam Green-directed "Total Entertainment Forever" is a psychedelic bricolage extravaganza of Viagra, virtual reality, and irreverence.
April 26, 2017, 4:43pm

It's not everyday you get nailed to a cardboard cross and crowned "King of the Cucks," but Macaulay Culkin makes it look too cool in Father John Misty's Sesame Street-meets-The Passion of the Christ music video for "Total Entertainment Forever." Misty's new album, Pure Comedy, is a 74-minute-long lashing of popular culture, and between the song and the music video, he and directors Four Gods and a Baby—Adam Green, Thomas Bayne, Toby Goodshank, and Culkin—really give it to virtual reality, big pharma, aristocracy, McDonald'sTaylor Swift, Judeo-Christian ideology, and Bill Clinton.


Four Gods and a Baby adheres to the strict low-budget, high flamboyance aesthetic you might recognize from Adam Green's Aladdin, and the whole video looks like it was a blast to shoot. Everyone even breaks out into smiles at the end as longtime Green collaborator Jack Dishel snags a selfie with Culkin's Kurt Cobain-Christ and the pop culture lestai hanging next to him on identical cardboard crosses. As with any Adam Green joint, "Total Entertainment Forever" is packed with his famous friends, including David Garland, Toby Goodshank, Tei Shi, Mical Klip, Dan Shure, Spencer Fox, and of course, nuevo amigo Father John Misty.

Watch the video below:

Pure Comedy is out now on Sub Pop Records and Bella Union.


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